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Monday, November 18, 2019

Movies that create interest in Cybersecurity

As a cyber security enthusiast I recommend the following movies for you to watch regarding ethical hacking and it's related rules and things,it's consequences. These movies are all about showing how a world can be impacted by hacking and what can we learn fro them.

  1. Mr.Robot(TV series)
  2. Snowden
  3. Black Hat
  4. Algorithm
  5. Abhimanyudu(telugu),Irumbu Thirai(tamil)
  6. Shut up and dance(Black Mirror)
  7. You are wanted(TV series)
Watch the above movies to get an idea of cyber security and the consequences of black hat hacking and trust me you will get a clear idea about the power of ethical hacking and cyber security.
Link to best movies here

But if you really want to excel your career in the field of cyber security,then there is one thing you should do. "PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE"

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